brush or a circular towel . After taking a bath,

brush or a circular towel . After taking a bath,

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1. Flammable and toxic gas leakage: the scene personnel first cut off the power supply from the outdoor main gate (to avoid electric arc when the power is cut off, and then quickly open the doors and windows for ventilation, and notify the nearby laboratory or the whole building personnel to evacuate to the upwind area according to the degree of danger. after doing the safety work, control the leakage source: wipe the spilled liquid with a towel or rag, and screw the liquid into a large container. Then pour it into a glass bottle with a plug.

Hemiplegic patients often use two ways to take a bath, the first is a shower, the second is to use a bathtub. When taking a shower, the patient sits in a simple bath chair, adjusts the water temperature to the appropriate temperature and rinses the body. In the bath process, you can use a long handle sponge brush to scrub the back. Soap can be hung in a cloth bag around your neck to prevent it from slipping. Bathtub bathing is suitable for hemiplegic patients with better control of lower limbs. The steps are as follows: the patient sits on the chair next to the bathtub, takes off his coat, holds the lower limbs of the affected side with both hands, slowly puts them into the bathtub, and then puts them into the lower limbs of the healthy side. The healthy hand grabs the edge of the affected side and moves the body into the bathtub and slowly puts it down along the bathtub groove. When taking a bath, you can scrub with a long-handle brush or a circular towel. After taking a bath, the process of leaving the bathtub is the opposite of entering the bathtub.

Its installation is also very simple, only need to dry the wall, and installed can be used, do not need to wait, both bid farewell to drilling and farewell to falling, put in the bathroom is particularly practical. With this towel rack, all the towels in the home can be placed in different layers, keep the distance and dry quickly, and only need to rotate to make a big difference in

brush or a circular towel . After taking a bath,

D3: I am a 16-year-old warm-blooded boy in Secondary two. When I play ball, boys will look for loopholes in all kinds of rules to hurt me, and girls will hand over towels or scream.

It is commonly known as “pinkeye”. Its pathogens can be caused by a variety of viruses and bacteria, and the most common mode of transmission is indirect transmission of pathogens through eye contact with contaminated hands, towels, glasses, washbasins, swimming pools and so on.

The fire safety alarm sounded on the campus in the afternoon. after hearing the alarm, the head teacher quickly organized the students to evacuate, and each class evacuated the teaching building quickly and orderly in accordance with the scheduled route. In the process of evacuation, the children stooped and cats walked, simulated covering their mouths and noses with handkerchiefs and towels, moving forward orderly and rapidly along the stairs, the teacher was conscientious and responsible, and all teachers and students were safely evacuated to the playground.

2. Cleaning of vehicle interiors: Gansu High Speed Railway School believes that the cleaning of interiors is an important part of seasonal maintenance, scrubbing every part of the dashboard with towels or cleaning agents. Before cleaning the chemical fiber surface, use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with detergent for a few minutes, wait for the dust to dissolve, and then scrub it with a towel. When it is found that the chromium-plated surface has been scratched, it should be sealed in time to prevent the corrosion from spreading.