dining car that delivered lunch to teachers and

dining car that delivered lunch to teachers and

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At about 11:00 on October 9, when the reporter entered the Huixing campus of Ovis Experimental Primary School in Zhaoqing City, the dining car that delivered lunch to teachers and students was driving into the school. The big incubators in the dining car are filled with warm rice pots that have already divided the food.

The campus survey lasts for 5 days. People use lunchtime every day to go to various campus cafeterias to hand out questionnaires to diners. The questionnaire focuses on the problems of restaurant dishes, environmental hygiene, service quality, fire safety and so on. It is found that there are some problems in some restaurants, such as non-heat preservation of dishes, slow updating of dishes, lack of creative and cultural services, narrow safety channels and so on. Corresponding suggestions have been put forward, including using tableware with thermal insulation effect, matching dishes according to food nutrition, adding televisions and cultural walls, and so on.

dining car that delivered lunch to teachers and

At the nucleic acid testing site, the medical staff set up a shed and a table beside them, eating simple box lunches. When there were many people, they often missed the meal. The editor once worried that the food eaten by the staff would be cold, but when he saw the incubator containing the boxed lunch, he knew that he did not have to worry about it.

“Let the staff of the network eat a hot meal, is the most basic respect for the employees of the enterprise.” Wang Zenghong, general manager of Linfen branch, said. In order to solve the problem that it is difficult for the employees of the front-line business outlets to eat lunch, the Linfen branch arranged for the relevant departments to solve it, and from December 6, they will distribute lunches to the employees of the outlets in the city. The branch has also prepared necessary appliances such as thermal insulation lunch boxes and sanitary tableware for network personnel, and purchased food delivery incubators for each network to ensure that employees can eat hot and delicious, clean and hygienic lunches.

The reporter saw a lot of such stories in the interview: private car owners who took the initiative to lead the way for fire engines; men who saw firefighters sweating and picked up cardboard fans; volunteers who continuously sent lunch, mung bean soup, towels, alcoholic cotton, band-aids, and watermelons; enthusiastic people who sent a box full of vitamins to help rescue workers improve their immunity.

A teaspoon of flaxseed a day has a strong nutty flavor and contains two substances, lignans and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent breast cancer. Women who regularly eat foods rich in lignans are 33% less likely to develop breast cancer than other women, according to a study. Add 1 teaspoon flaxseed oil to breakfast cereal or lunch box, or use flaxseed oil as salad seasoning, and mix 2 teaspoons flaxseed oil with some lemon juice and edible vinegar to achieve health effect.

dining car that delivered lunch to teachers and

After the Youth League Committee of Pulandian District issued a youth commando assembly order, League organizations and youth members at all levels in the region responded positively and set up one by one epidemic prevention and control youth commando teams. Tiexi Street set up 12 epidemic prevention and control youth commando teams and 53 teams, including public security officers, community cadres, cleaning, sanitation, express delivery brothers and other nearly 300 people to participate in community epidemic prevention and control. The youth commando of the Red Cross Relief in the district assisted the Red Cross in voluntary services such as material reception, handling, disinfection and registration, and disinfected at 17 places with relatively concentrated flow of people, such as the Marriage Registry, and enterprises returning to work, with an operating area of 30, 000 square meters. The supreme youth commando in fishing port distributed warm lunches and dinners to front-line workers who stayed at their posts free of charge, and sent a total of 1917 boxes of working meals in 8 days, equivalent to 57510 yuan.

After lunch, the students consciously put their plates and soup boxes in the incubator, and then everyone tidied up their desktops and floor hygiene, and the students took the initiative to pick up a broom to clean the overall hygiene of the classroom.