points can exchange awards such as shampoo, towel s and drinks at

points can exchange awards such as shampoo, towel s and drinks at

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13. Toilet refuge law. When there is really no way to escape, you can use the toilet to take refuge, close the door with towels, pour water on the ground to cool down, or lie in a bathtub full of water to avoid. But do not go to the bottom of the bed, attic, cupboard and other places to take refuge, because there are many combustibles in these places, and it is easy to gather smoke. 14. Sheet twisting method. Tear the sheets, quilt covers or curtains into strips or twist them into twists, and climb down the outer wall by means of rope escape.

The teaching staff of the whole garden carried out sanitary disinfection and thorough cleaning. From playgrounds, large sports equipment, activity rooms, nap rooms, corridors, toilets, kitchens, offices to toys, books, baby beds, daily necessities (cups, bowls, spoons, towels, etc.), the kindergarten has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in all directions, showing a clean and fresh appearance.

Recently, the Huangmaohai Project Department of China Railway Bridge Bureau has innovated and established a safety points assessment management system, and set up a safe unmanned points supermarket in the employee “Happiness Post Station”. Workers gain safety points by participating in special safety activities of the project department, emergency rescue drills, investigation and elimination of hidden dangers, and on-site emergency disposal. People with system points of more than 80 points can exchange awards such as shampoo, towels and drinks at the automatic shopping machine; if they are deducted to less than 60 points for personal illegal work or other violations, they need to be suspended and re-receive level 3 safety education.

Simulate the fire scene in the office building and carry out fire emergency evacuation drills. After the alarm sounded, the participants covered their mouth and nose with wet towels, bent low, and evacuated quickly and orderly from the safe passage to the safe open area.

Choose cleansing products suitable for your skin, such as oily skin can choose refreshing cleansing products, dry skin can choose soft and moisturizing cleansing products. Use warm water when washing your face, too hot or too cold water will cause irritation and damage to the skin. Gently massage the skin when washing your face to avoid excessive friction and pull, which can lead to dry and over-irritated skin. After washing your face, gently pat the skin with a towel to avoid rubbing the skin, which will hurt the protective barrier of the skin. Use toner or toner for secondary cleansing and hydration after cleansing, which can also help the skin better absorb follow-up skin care products.

Then there is another toilet small infarction usually caused by foot paper or towel towels, towel rags, etc., that kind of indirect use of tube dredging machine or shallow dredging things can be enough to dredge. Another reason will also form a toilet infarction, that is, because the toilet at home is being used for a long time, it will lead to the gradual aging of the toilet and will not avoid fouling on the inner wall.

points can exchange awards such as shampoo, towel s and drinks at

There is almost nothing in such a kitchen near the sink. Instead of using drain baskets and putting washed dishes on disposable towels, we should use well-drained acrylic cloth instead of dishwashing sponges. In addition, there are snow pans and saucepans hanging on the gas stove, which are all the pans you have, plus rice cookers and microwave ovens can make everything from ordinary dishes to baby food.