not to share water cups, towel s and other personal belongings with others when they

not to share water cups, towel s and other personal belongings with others when they

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First of all, let it stop the action, lie down, roll. Snuff out the remaining flames with a towel or blanket, call the police, rinse the burns with cold water, and cool for about 10 to 15 minutes. To avoid infection, gently wrap the burn area with a dry cloth, not with towels, there are a lot of small fibers that may enter the wound. The most important thing is to stay calm and seek appropriate medical assistance as soon as possible.

Therefore, when doing basic sanitary cleaning for your baby, it is best to clean it with clean water. If you are going out or the conditions are limited, you can prepare a clean towel and a bottle of water for the baby. When you need to clean, soak the towel with water and scrub it carefully.

Parents remember to help their baby take a bath every day and wash his face sooner or later, especially when he is sweating, after meals or after excretion, but also to help him clean up. It should be noted that the texture of towels for baby cleaning should be soft, the wiping action should be gentle, and it should be cleaned with warm water.

The metope board that can be folded can completely use the metope to extend more storage space, the volume is small and does not occupy an area, and it is more flexible to open with use. At the same time, its nail-free and drill-free design, does not damage the wall, can be affixed to a smooth surface and is not easy to fall off. Heighten the guardrail on the side to prevent items from accidentally falling, making it easier to use. High-end clothing bathrobes, small towels, soap, mobile phones, etc., one thing multi-purpose. Pp material, round and burr-free, can also be better integrated in public space.

For the severed residual finger (limb), when it is close to the hospital, the severed finger will be wrapped with aseptic compress or clean cloth when it is close to the hospital. if the condition is limited, it can also be simply wrapped with masks, towels, cut sheets, other clean and dry cotton fabrics, etc. When it is far away from the hospital, keep it in an ice bag (you can seal the severed finger in a clean plastic bag and put it in a container containing ice cubes) and send it to the hospital quickly along with the patient. Remember that the severed finger (limb) body should not be directly immersed in any liquid, such as salt water, disinfectant, alcohol, etc.

not to share water cups, towel s and other personal belongings with others when they

Because most of the bathrooms are convenient inside, and the bathroom is also a wet place at home, some bacteria can easily breed in such an environment; in this way, the toothbrushes and towels we use are also very unsanitary, and you should often clean these places, accidentally bringing bacteria to our toothbrushes and towels.

To do a good job in the delivery of newborn calves, we must first provide a good environment to keep the living environment clean and hygienic, spacious and dry, sufficient sunshine, suitable temperature and relative humidity. Disinfection should be done before delivery. Calves should remove mucus from their mouth and nose in time after birth, and then artificially induce them to breathe. Wipe the slime off the calf with a clean towel. To cut off the navel, first squeeze out the dirt in the umbilical cord, then tie the umbilical cord at 5cm away from the navel or clip the navel and disinfect it with 7% iodine.

Hardware pendant in the bathroom can still play a great role, set them on the wall, used to receive towels, bath towels, toiletries, the effect is quite good.

The rental price of an ambulance for local transfer of paralyzed patients in Pinggu, Beijing is low (new! 2022 has been updated), so after the wounded have stopped bleeding, they should immediately wrap them up with first-aid kits, gauze decadent, bandages or towels. Timely and correct bandaging can stop bleeding, protect injury, reduce infection, relieve pain, fix effective materials and splint, and lay the foundation for follow-up hospital rescue. Bandaging is generally made of triangular towels, bandages, etc., and handkerchiefs, towels and clothes can also be used as bandaging materials. During the rescue, if the injured person has massive bleeding or shock, stop the bleeding and artificial respiration first.

In addition to the above main components, there are all kinds of towel poles and shelves for storage, to choose glass, stainless steel and other waterproof materials, the shape should be concise, in order to clean, but also must be careful not to have edges and corners, so as not to damage the body. Glass shelves should be kept out of the reach of children. Use anti-fog mirrors on the bathroom mirror.

The sanitary condition of the toilet is closely related to the air pollution in the toilet. The siphon toilet used in modern families produces a strong airflow when flushing, which spreads a large number of bacteria into the air and pollutes the air. Some studies have found that when the toilet is flushed, the microbes in the toilet can be flushed to a height of several meters. These bacteria can float in the air for hours and finally deposit on bathroom walls and toothbrushes, mouthwash cups, towels and other household items, causing pollution. When these bacteria enter the human body, they may lead to disease.

Good personal and environmental hygiene is important, including the following: teach children to pay attention to hand hygiene, especially before touching mouth and nose, before eating or handling food, such as toilet, after contact with herpes / respiratory secretions, wash hands with running water, hand sanitizer or soap; regularly clean and disinfect objects or surfaces that children often come into contact with, such as baby bottles, toys, furniture handles, etc. Avoid close contact with sick children, play, etc., parents should try their best to avoid taking their children to crowded places during the epidemic of HFMD; educate their children not to share water cups, towels and other personal belongings with others when they are in kindergarten or school; when there are symptoms such as fever and rash, they should take their children to a nearby hospital in time.