toys wholesale gucci handbag lv official website lv bag

toys wholesale gucci handbag lv official website lv bag

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Travel trend of the handbag, rust gray color introverted without losing advanced, noble and mysterious LOGO design, unique atmosphere, is the existence of this bag. Streamlined body design with smooth PU fabric adds luxury to practical handbags. Be masculine,

The little sister has a gray handbag on her arm. The capacity of this bag is relatively large, and the color design is a variety of gray. At the same time, the gray handbag has its own sense of high-level. Carrying it out, I feel that my self-confidence has reached a level.

8. A leisure business style handbag, made of high-quality cowhide, soft and comfortable feel, simple logo printing embellished in it, making the bag more fashionable, sewing edge with meticulous thread and internal multi-functional partition design, which can effectively increase capacity space, take convenient and practical shoulder strap structure in line with ergonomic principles, carry comfort and decompression, and overall pure black tone. It shows the mature and stable atmosphere of men.

toys wholesale gucci handbag lv official website lv bag

When it comes to choosing low-key and luxurious brands to wear, even if logo is not exposed, she lets people explore her “luxury”. In addition to collecting and posting her Herm 猫 s handbags on IG, she is also full of taste in the choice of bags, pursuing rare leather fabrics such as ostrich skin, and not completely pursuing popular styles, which makes it difficult for her to hit the style among a crowd of socialites.

As we all know, Herm 猫 s started with the production of harness, and the handbag was inspired by the stable latch. The flip on the front of the bag is designed with a latch switch, which is the finishing touch of the whole bag. It will also be accompanied by a “click” sound of opening the door, chic, individual and interesting.

The original design concept of Herm 猫 s Kelly bag comes from the saddle bag used by hunters. In the 1930s, the founder of Herm 猫 s had a brilliant idea and modified the design to become a high-end handbag: slightly trapezoidal lines, double-buckle design, with a short semicircular handle, made of a variety of high-end leather. Such as crocodile skin, ostrich skin, pigskin and so on. Therefore, the recycling value of Herm 猫 s bags is also very high, not only reflected in the value of its materials, but more importantly, inlaid gems, which undoubtedly increase the recycling value of Herm 猫 s bags, but it is rare for Herm 猫 s bags to appear in the second-hand market.